2023 Kayak Round 2 – Results

30 Anglers fished this weekend for the Shimano round of the 2023 Getaway Outdoors Cockburn/Kelmscott WA Bream Classics Kayak Series. With a strong day 1 lead, Greg Cooper was able to hold on to top spot to secure the victory. In 2nd was Joseph Gardner and making a late charge for 3rd was Travis Newland. Greg and Joseph have both qualified for the Hobie Australian Championships later this year.

Greg also took out the Atomic Big Bream coming in at 1.040kg the Samurai Infinite fishing rod!

Check out the final results and photos below.

Final results

PositionName# Fish D1Weight D1Big bream D1Fish D2Weight D2Big Bream D2Total Weight
1stGreg Cooper32.420kg1.040kg31.440kg3.860kg
2ndJoseph Gardner31.900kg31.730kg3.630kg
3rdTravis Newland31.390kg0.530kg32.210kg0.780kg3.600kg
4thFred Fraser31.760kg0.620kg31.680kg3.440kg
5thAlex Griesdorf31.790kg0.650kg31.460kg3.250kg
6thMichelle Parker-Pardini31.990kg0.810kg31.080kg3.070kg
7thPaul Siemaszko31.280kg31.640kg2.920kg
8thBen Oakes31.620kg0.540kg31.270kg2.890kg
9thTom Schuiling31.580kg0.680kg31.150kg2.730kg
10thRichard Raynham31.670kg0.630kg31.050kg2.720kg
11thAdrian Barbour31.040kg31.630kg0.640kg2.670kg
12thRene Van Doorn31.420kg31.170kg2.590kg
13thMatthew McCarthy31.340kg31.190kg2.530kg
14thDominique Cera31.150kg31.360kg2.510kg
14thBrendon Knowles31.360kg31.150kg2.510kg
16thSteve Newborough31.440kg0.560kg21.020kg0.650kg2.460kg
17thPeter DeGroot31.490kg0.590kg30.920kg2.410kg
18thMitch Vane30.950kg31.360kg2.310kg
19thIan Abercrombie30.960kg31.330kg2.290kg
20thJames Leadbeatter31.540kg0.740kg10.280kg1.820kg
21stRobert Cockshutt30.930kg30.880kg1.810kg
22ndStuart McCarthy31.010kg20.760kg1.770kg
23rdHunter Grose30.920kg30.810kg1.730kg
24thJack Hunter20.540kg20.750kg1.290kg
25thAndy Mitchell31.270kg00.000kg1.270kg
26thJason Sinclair30.840kg10.250kg1.090kg
27thTerri Fraser20.510kg00.000kg0.510kg
28thRobert White10.260kg00.000kg0.260kg
29thPhil Cockshutt00.000kg00.000kg0.000kg
29thKim Grose00.000kg00.000kg0.000kg
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