2023 Boat Show – Results

As part of the Perth Boat Show for 2023 a limited 25-team tournament was organised, spots filled up fast in anticipation, and the Swan River didn’t disappoint with some quality fish caught over both days.

Mother and son duo Jenny and Joseph Gardner extended their day 1 lead to hold on to 1st place with a strong day 2 bag including the big bream for the day coming in at 1.160kg. The pair fished man-made structure with the new Blue Lip Baits Pygmy Mussel in both Dark Night and Muddy Bank. Thrown tight to the structure, letting it sink before giving it very short and subtle hops.

2nd place getters Stuart McCarthy and Aden Miller decided to stick with man-made structure as well, bringing back a great kicker fish both days and two very consistent bags. The pair caught their fish using the Blue Lip Baits Pygmy Mussel and Zipbaits Rigge 56 hardbody lures.

Adam Smart from Team DG took out the Big Bream prize for day 1 on his 3rd cast of the morning, using a Zman Slimswim 1/16th with 4lb fluorocarbon leader.

A big thank you goes out to the Perth Boat Show for letting us put on this event and the sponsors.

Check out Tackle West at their 2 and soon to be 3 Perth locations or online for all your fishing needs including all the lures mentioned above.

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2023 Boat Round 2 – Results

The Shimano round of the boat series was gloomed with a forecast of lots of rain however anglers were surprised for most of the day as it held off. The fishing conditions were extremely tough with only 17 of the 29 teams weighing in fish, winners Alex Griesdorf and Ben Oakes from Team Stinger took out the win with 3.530kg a cool 500 grams in the lead.

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2023 Kayak Round 2 – Results

30 Anglers fished this weekend for the Shimano round of the 2023 Getaway Outdoors Cockburn/Kelmscott WA Bream Classics Kayak Series. With a strong day 1 lead, Greg Cooper was able to hold on to top spot to secure the victory. In 2nd was Joseph Gardner and making a late charge for 3rd was Travis Newland. Greg and Joseph have both qualified for the Hobie Australian Championships later this year.

Greg also took out the Atomic Big Bream coming in at 1.040kg the Samurai Infinite fishing rod!

Check out the final results and photos below.

Final results

PositionName# Fish D1Weight D1Big bream D1Fish D2Weight D2Big Bream D2Total Weight
1stGreg Cooper32.420kg1.040kg31.440kg3.860kg
2ndJoseph Gardner31.900kg31.730kg3.630kg
3rdTravis Newland31.390kg0.530kg32.210kg0.780kg3.600kg
4thFred Fraser31.760kg0.620kg31.680kg3.440kg
5thAlex Griesdorf31.790kg0.650kg31.460kg3.250kg
6thMichelle Parker-Pardini31.990kg0.810kg31.080kg3.070kg
7thPaul Siemaszko31.280kg31.640kg2.920kg
8thBen Oakes31.620kg0.540kg31.270kg2.890kg
9thTom Schuiling31.580kg0.680kg31.150kg2.730kg
10thRichard Raynham31.670kg0.630kg31.050kg2.720kg
11thAdrian Barbour31.040kg31.630kg0.640kg2.670kg
12thRene Van Doorn31.420kg31.170kg2.590kg
13thMatthew McCarthy31.340kg31.190kg2.530kg
14thDominique Cera31.150kg31.360kg2.510kg
14thBrendon Knowles31.360kg31.150kg2.510kg
16thSteve Newborough31.440kg0.560kg21.020kg0.650kg2.460kg
17thPeter DeGroot31.490kg0.590kg30.920kg2.410kg
18thMitch Vane30.950kg31.360kg2.310kg
19thIan Abercrombie30.960kg31.330kg2.290kg
20thJames Leadbeatter31.540kg0.740kg10.280kg1.820kg
21stRobert Cockshutt30.930kg30.880kg1.810kg
22ndStuart McCarthy31.010kg20.760kg1.770kg
23rdHunter Grose30.920kg30.810kg1.730kg
24thJack Hunter20.540kg20.750kg1.290kg
25thAndy Mitchell31.270kg00.000kg1.270kg
26thJason Sinclair30.840kg10.250kg1.090kg
27thTerri Fraser20.510kg00.000kg0.510kg
28thRobert White10.260kg00.000kg0.260kg
29thPhil Cockshutt00.000kg00.000kg0.000kg
29thKim Grose00.000kg00.000kg0.000kg
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The WA Bream Classics are proudly supported by

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2023 Boat Round 1 – Results

Back to Walpole the Atomic boat series has gone, 33 teams hit the water early this morning for Day 2 with some tough fishing. Callum Dowell and Dan Perella from Team Boys Who Bream held their lead in the end with some great fishing over the tournament.

This round was sponsored by Tackle West, with a massive range of all things fishing and one of the largest selections of breaming lures check them out online or at their Beckenham or Osbourne Park stores!

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2023 Kayak Round 1 – Results

27 Anglers hit the water just before 7am today for the opening round of the 2023 Getaway Outdoors Cockburn/Kelmscott WA Bream Classics Kayak Series. With some great weather the Collie River produced some hard fighting bream for some while showing others just how tough it can be! This time of year the bream fight incredibly hard, matched with the deep timber the Collie RIver has there were plenty of stories of big ones that got away.

Alex Griesdorf has taken out the win with one of only 2 full limits of 3 fish going 1.730kg

TT Lures was the major sponsor for this round, as always anglers are encouraged to check out some of the new products on offer including the new Headlockz Finesse Painted Jigheads which many anglers were using. Have a look at all of the gear available through this great Australian brand here:

Alex also took out big bream going 0.730kg and won the Samurai Infinite fishing rod!

Check out the final results and gallery below.

Final results

PositionName# FishTotal weightBig bream
1stAlex Griesdorf31.730kg0.730kg
2ndRichard Raynham31.500kg0.600kg
3rdJoseph Gardner20.930kg
4thIan Abercrombie20.840kg
5thMatthew McCarthy10.660kg0.660kg
6thSteve Newbourough10.620kg (inc late penalty)0.670kg
7thBen Oakes10.570kg0.570kg
7thHunter Grose10.570kg0.570kg
9thPaul Bowen10.530kg0.530kg
10thTravis Newland10.450kg
11thPaul Siemaszko10.390kg
12thCraig Doherty10.270kg (inc late penalty)
13thFred Fraser00kg
13thJames Leadbeatter00kg
13thBill Bland00kg
13thGreg Cooper00kg
13thStuart McCarthy00kg
13thRoy Clarke00kg
13thRobert Cockshutt00kg
13thRene Van Doorn00kg
13thMichelle Parker-Pardini00kg
13thKim Grose00kg
13thAndy Mitchell00kg
13thBen Hough00kg
25thJason Sinclair0-0.050kg (inc late penalty)
26thDominique Cera0-0.100kg (inc late penalty)
27thJenny Gardner0-0.200kg (inc late penalty)

The WA Bream Classics are proudly supported by

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2022 Boat Grand Final – Gallery

The mighty Blackwood river produced again for the 40 qualifying anglers fishing the grand final last weekend, check out the photos below!

Taking out the win were Alex Griesdorf and Ben Oakes from Team Stinger with 6.130kg followed by Travis Newland and Josh Philips from Team Absolutely Crabulous with 4.870kg – All anglers brought back a full limit of fish both days which gives a bit of insight into how healthy the river is at the moment.

Compleat Angler Nedlands has supported the Big Bream for the whole year and the grand final was no different with Team Hit and Split and Team Barely Legal taking out the $250 each day.

With a great range of fishing gear from bream lures to large pelagic gear, they are certain to have what any angler is looking for. Check out their website below or head into store at 154 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands WA 6009.

Interested in fishing the series in 2023? Check out the current proposed calendar of events by clicking here.

If you haven’t seen the final results yet you can check them out here: Boat Grand Final Results

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